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A hundred thousand welcomes to you

"I guarantee you, not only the best, but also the most fun-packed musical tours that there are available. And remember—there are no strangers on my tours, only friends who haven't met yet." ~Anna

There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, just waiting for you to uncover. The wee folk–Leprechauns–hid it there,
according to Irish legend.

Tisn’t so hard to find, though.

Come, ride the rainbow and discover the pot of gold on Anna McGoldrick Musical Tours. The destinations are captivating: Imagine Ireland, Ireland/Scotland, Newfoundland and Italy. And when you travel with Anna McGoldrick Musical Tours, holiday magic is on the itinerary. 

Since 1991, Anna McGoldrick Musical Tours has been enchanting tour guests with music, fun and laughter. No other tour company in the world offers such an extraordinary and special vacation experience. That extra sprinkle of fairy dust? It’s all about hospitality, world-class entertainment and TLC. (Tender Loving Care)

The best of everything for everybody

There’s a policy: On Anna McGoldrick Musical Tours, you stay only at the best hotels and enjoy the best attractions. You’ll be dazzled by the delectable food, the famous destinations, historic sites and gorgeous scenery. But the highlight of these tours has nothing to do with sightseeing.

The magic comes along with you. As part of the schedule, there are after-dinner shows right in the hotels where you stay. Imagine a live stage show, tailored just for you and your fellow guests. A variety of guest performers sing and entertain from the place being visited. “Everywhere we go, we try to musically represent the country we’re traveling in,” Anna explains. The entertainment adds that special something that truly makes the new place come alive for you.

Called Hooleys, the shows are a huge hit with passengers. No wonder: Hooley is an Irish word that means impromptu party. There’s lots of singing, dancing, storytelling, musicians and jokes.  (And who knows better than the Irish how to party? That’s why everybody and his second cousin celebrates St Patrick’s Day.) At these genuine hooleys, odds are, at some point, you’ll be up on stage too –if you choose.

Thanks to the music, in no time flat, folks loosen up, relax and start having a ball. By the third night, “There are no strangers at all. They’re all pals.” We would also add that, by the end of the tour, our entertainers practically has to fight her way to get up on stage. Everybody else wants their turn! It’s a kind of connection and instantaneous camaraderie that’s unheard of in typical tour vacations. And it’s the kind of unique shared pleasure that makes for a rare, once-in-a-lifetime vacation you’ll never ever forget.

Traveling in the company of friends

That’s why so many guests want more. They love to travel with Anna McGoldrick Musical Tours. Over the years, literally hundreds of people have been on 10 or 11 tours. There are thousands of stories about the amazing times people have had. Smitten folks talk 19 to the dozen about the royal treatment, the luxurious motor coaches, the memorable hooleys and the grand times they’ve had.

On these tours, the magic comesfrom the heart.

Anna McGoldrick Musical Tours founder, Anna McGoldrick, uses an old Irish saying to describe the personal approach to caring for our guests: “I wouldn't let the wind blow crooked on their cheeks.” Translation?  She cares for passengers as though they are members of her own family. You’ll travel in high style and wherever you go, be it Italy, Ireland, Scotland or Newfoundland, you’ll feel like you belong. 

Dance a jig in Newfoundland and soak up the soul-stirring rhythms of “a time” – the island’s version of a hooley – with the great home grown singers and fiddle players.

Do as the Romans do, in Italy: Divertirsi! (Have fun.) Godere! (Enjoy.)  As the sun shines warm upon your face, you’ll drink in the wonders (and the wine!) of a land so rich in history, culture and romance, it’s paradise found. 

Explore the land of lochs and moors, castles and kilts, highland dancing, and bagpipes. Kick up your heels at a céilidh and enjoy the songs of heather and hills. Let us welcome you home to the Emerald Isle, land of fairies and poetry, folklore and beauty, ancient woods and legendary music. Listen up. You’re in for a thrill, as the entertainers and show biz friends treat to a showcase of the best of Irish music.

It’s your good luck.

Wherever you go on one of the beloved tours, you’ll bask in the warmth,
high spirits and distinctive charm of true Irish hospitality.

It’s absolutely priceless.

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